How to properly apply false eyelashes to yourself at home?

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Many people are interested in how to use false eyelashes at home to achieve a flawless look without the help of professionals. Today we will reveal all the secrets and tell you how to make the gluing process convenient and fast, ensuring the perfect result right at home. Knowing a few key principles and techniques will allow you to do without a salon and still look great every day.

Preparation for the procedure

At the preparation stage, it is extremely important to answer the question of how to glue false eyelashes in at home. The product you choose should be safe and provide a strong bond without irritating your eyes. The market offers various types of glue for eyelash extensions at home, each of which is suitable for a specific type of false eyelashes and has its own characteristics when working.

So, first, select false eyelashes. Their choice should not only suit your style and occasion, but also their ability to be used correctly at home. There are models preferred for everyday makeup, as well as more dramatic options for special events.

Your list of tools and materials for work:

  1. False eyelashes
  2. Glue for eyelash extensions
  3. Tweezers
  4. Scissors
  5. Mirror

Don’t forget about preparing your eyelashes. To get your answer on how to curl your eyelashes at home, use a curling iron before applying. This will help give the eyelashes an additional curl and blend harmoniously with false ones.

Basic steps for gluing eyelashes

When measuring your eyelashes before gluing, check whether their length and shape interfere with your comfort. If necessary, trim them carefully to follow the shape of your eyes. For experienced users, the question may arise whether it is possible to glue false eyelashes onto eyelash extensions. It is important to remember that if you have eyelash extensions, care must be taken not to spoil the original effect of the extensions.

The adhesive is applied immediately before application to ensure maximum adhesion. It is the quality of the glue and the method of its application that influence the durability of false eyelashes.

By gluing them correctly, starting from the inner edge of the eyelid to the outer, your look becomes complete and expressive. The correction consists of carefully pressing false eyelashes to natural ones to minimize the appearance of transition.

Tips and tricks for the perfect result

The age-old question of how to use false eyelashes at home is fraught with many answers for yourself. It is important to remember two basic rules: < /tr>

Choosing the right eyelashesChoose lashes that match the shape and length of your natural lashes for a natural look.
Preparing your false eyelashesCurve your false eyelashes before applying for a better fit eyes.
Use high-quality glueChoose hypoallergenic glue for gluing to avoid eye irritation.
Applying a thin layer of glueUse a small amount of glue onto a strip of false eyelashes for even application.
Adhesive from the centerBegin gluing from the central part of the eye to evenly distribute the eyelashes.
Fixing from the endsFix the ends of the false eyelashes after gluing to prevent them from coming off.
Curl lightlyCurl false eyelashes with natural lashes using a curler for a more natural combination.
Remove gently< /td> Remove false eyelashes carefully, starting from the outer corner of the eye to avoid damaging the natural eyelashes.

Careful care of false eyelashes after use will prolong their lifespan and will keep a beautiful look. It is also important to store them in a clean and dry place until the next use.

Alternative methods of gluing false eyelashes

An alternative to the classic method of gluing a whole strip of eyelashes on are other, no less popular methods that allow you to achieve the desired result. effect.Using strips:

  1. Choose a strip of eyelashes of appropriate length and volume.
  2. Adjust to the shape of your eyes and, if necessary, trim the excess.

Using bundles:

  1. Divide the eye line into three zones: the beginning of the eye, the middle and the end.
  2. Apply bundles of eyelashes, starting from the middle, moving to the outer edges, to obtain an increase in volume where required.

Using these methods also requires patience and precision, but the result is undoubtedly worth it – your eyes will look natural and expressive .


In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the main thing in the process of gluing false eyelashes is the execution technique. Any woman can master the skill of gluing eyelashes at home, all it takes is a little practice. Self-gluing allows you not only to save time, but also to experiment with your image, gradually finding that ideal combination of the look and volume of eyelashes that will be in harmony with your style.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can false eyelashes be reused?
Yes, you can if you care for them properly. After use, they should be carefully cleaned of glue and cosmetics and stored in a place protected from dust.

2. How long can you wear false eyelashes?
They are usually worn for one day or evening. If the glue is of good quality, the eyelashes can stay on until removed.

3. Can eyelash glue cause allergies?
Yes, in some cases, eyelash glue can cause an allergic reaction, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is important to use specialized adhesives with a hypoallergenic composition.

4. Is it possible to bathe and sleep in false eyelashes?
It is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with water and not sleep in false eyelashes, as this can damage them.

5. Which eyelash extension glue is best to use at home?
You should choose a water-based glue with the addition of natural ingredients, which will be safe for the eyes and can be easily washed off with warm water.