How to Clean False Eyelashes for Reuse - Step by step guide on cleaning and maintaining false eyelashes

How to clean false eyelashes for reuse

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When it comes to elevating your eye makeup look, false eyelashes can make all the difference. However, many people don’t realize that with proper care, these delicate beauty enhancers can be reused multiple times. The main topic we’re exploring today is how to extend the life of your false lashes by properly cleaning them for reuse. Properly cleaning your falsies not only maintains their shape and quality but also ensures that your eye health is not compromised by the build-up of bacteria.

Imagine fluttering a set of stunning, well-maintained false eyelashes that complement your eye makeup perfectly. Not only do you save money by reusing your lashes, but you also contribute to a more sustainable beauty practice. Gently removing and cleaning your fake lashes after each use will keep them in pristine condition, ready for their next outing.

Reusable False Eyelashes Care - Proper cleaning and maintenance tips for extending the life of your falsies

When to Clean Your False Eyelashes

You know it’s time to clean your fake eyelashes when there’s noticeable build-up of mascara or when they start to lose their shape. This build-up can lead to eye irritations or infections if neglected. Typically, it’s best to consider properly cleaning your lashes after 4-5 wears, or sooner if they’re exposed to more makeup or harsh environmental elements.

False lashes can deteriorate quickly without proper care. Oils from your skin, eye makeup residues, and exposure to moisture are just some of the factors that can reduce the lifespan of your fake lashes. Being attentive to these indicators will not only preserve their appearance but will also ensure their structural integrity so that they can reuse for longer periods.

1Remove the false eyelashes gently from your eyelids.
2Peel off any dried glue from the lash band using tweezers.
3Place the false eyelashes in a small dish with makeup remover or gentle cleanser.
4Gently swirl the lashes in the cleaning solution for a few minutes.
5Rinse the false eyelashes with warm water.
6Use a cotton swab to remove any remaining residue.
7Allow the false eyelashes to air dry completely before storing them in their original case.

Preparing for the Clean

The Cleaning Process

Removing Glue from the Lashes

Begin by gently removing any glue from the lash band. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully peel away the adhesive, taking care not to tug too hard on the delicate fibers. Accumulated glue will not only make the lashes uncomfortable to wear but can also hinder their ability to adhere properly the next time you use them.

Cleaning the Lashes with a Cleanser

After the glue has been removed, it’s time for the deep clean. Dilute some lash-friendly cleanser or makeup remover in a small dish of water. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and gently run it along the lash band and fibers. Avoid oil-based makeup removers as they can break down the glue holding the lashes together.

Rinsing and Drying the Lashes

Once the lashes are clean, it’s crucial to rinse them under a gentle stream of water to remove any soap residue. Then, delicately press them between layers of a dry towel to soak up the excess water. Lay them on a clean, dry place to air dry completely. Remember, moisture can deform the lashes, so ensure they dry in their original shape.

 Cleaning False Eyelashes Tutorial - Learn how to clean, sanitize and store false eyelashes for multiple uses

Maintaining the Quality of Your Eyelashes

Post-Cleaning Care

The first step to maintaining your lashes is to store them correctly. Once dry, return your false eyelashes to their original case or a similar shaped holder to maintain their curve. A case will not only protect them from dust and debris but will also prevent any accidental crushing or bending.

Handling and Application Tips

When you’re ready to apply your lashes again, be sure to handle them with care. Use tweezers to remove them from their storage case, and when applying glue, do so sparingly. A thin layer along the band is enough; too much glue could also lead to a messy application and unnecessary build-up after removal.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Do not soak your lashes in water or any solvent for too long.
  2. Avoid pulling or tugging on the lash fibers, which can cause them to shed or lose their shape.


Cleaning and maintaining your false eyelashes is a simple yet essential part of your beauty routine. Not only does it ensure your eyelash extensions keep their flair, but it also promotes better hygiene. By gently removing dirt and residue, storing them in a dry place, and handling them with care, your favorite pair of fake eyelashes will be ready to enhance your look again and again. Embrace the art of lash care and join the ranks of beauty enthusiasts who understand that a little effort goes a long way in the world of sustainable beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How often should I clean my false eyelashes? Clean your false eyelashes after every 4-5 wears, or sooner if there is noticeable buildup.
  2. Can I use any makeup remover to clean my false eyelashes? It’s best to use a non-oil-based makeup remover specifically designed for eyelashes to prevent damaging the adhesive or the lashes themselves.
  3. What’s the best way to dry false eyelashes after cleaning? After gently pressing the excess moisture with a dry towel, lay the lashes flat on a clean surface in their natural shape and allow them to air-dry completely in a dry place.
  4. Can cleaning my false eyelashes extend their life? Yes, properly cleaning and maintaining your lashes can extend their life, allowing you to reuse them multiple times.
  5. Will reusing false eyelashes cause eye infections? Not if you clean them properly. Without cleaning, however, bacteria can build up, which could lead to eye infections.